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POPULAR watch trends (2018)

Trends are ever-changing, and this applies to watches too. For this particular year, there are some surprising trends and some expected trends. Trends are a hassle to keep up with, aren't they? Nevertheless, let's move on to the various trends for each gender, shall we? 

Firstly, let's start off with a style that every modern women knows well, or at least, heard of before. 

: Boyfriend Watches :

It grew popular in 2011, with its big, bold faces and the trend made its way back yet again. Big celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Milla Jovoich donning these 'boyfriend' watches, there will definitely be more watches of similar style available to everyone. The best thing about having this trend is how easily they can cater to everyone's tastes easily, as they can come in different designs. 


Now, let's move on to the second style in this section, and it's a style that appeals to many men.

: Chronograph Watches :

The complicated and busy dial appeals to many men, which I have to agree, it is rather pleasing to look at. However, don't be fooled by how complicated it looks, as it may be cheaper than it looks! You can surely find one at an affordable price just by looking around more. 

Alright, now, onto the third style in this section, and it's a style that came to light ​due to a popular movie among the ladies. Of course, it is also a style that is popular among the ladies.

: Art Deco Watches :

What gave a rise to this style of watches? That's right, ever since The Great Gatsby made its way to the cinemas, the watch of this period didn't escape the eyes of many. The watch is typically characterized by its bold embellishments, colorful gemstones, geometric shapes, leaning towards Far East designs. Hence, if this is your kind of style, just go for it!

The fourth style, it's a style that is one of the favourites among men, of course, it can appeal to the ladies too. 

: All Black Watches :

Sleek and sexy, this watch is simply all black (well mostly) and it undoubtedly a trend right now. There isn't much description about this kind of watch, since it is really entirely black in most places. It can come in different designs, and it's easy to see why it has currently become a trend.

Now, for the fifth style, that is undeniably appealing to many women.

: Rose Gold Watches :

Rose gold watches are a style that will definitely stay stylish for many years to come among the ladies. These watches will probably remain as a favourite for many women, simply because of how its colour associates with femininity.  

Lastly, the last three following styles are styles that are trendy with both genders. 

: Smart Watches :


Living in a society obsessed with technology, it isn't surprising to see a trend like this now, especially watches that helps maintain your healthy lifestyle. Choose a design that would best suit with your phone.

: Minimalist Watches :

These watches are designed in a sophisticated manner to suit the millennial who are leaning towards simple aesthetics. Minimalist watches normally designed with large uncluttered faces, subtle straps, slim hands and in colours like black or silver. If you like the professional style, this might be the watch for you.

: Vintage Watches :

Last but not least, vintage watches, there are even modern watches that are created based on vintage watches. It's not surprising, since most vintage watches would always remain as a timeless piece, either due to the history behind it or its beauty.

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