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Popular Watch Trends 2023

The watches trends in 2023 include innovations in sustainability, design, production quality, and social change. The affordable and luxury timepiece industry are often thought of as consumerist or profit-focused. As a result, many brands have launched products and campaigns focused on environmentalism and social good this year.

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The Resurfacing of Vintage Watches

Demand for vintage watches has grown significantly over the past few years, and it isn’t slowing anytime soon. In fact, the vintage watch market is estimated to be at an impressive 3.4 billion pounds, and thanks to the rise in the online watch marketplace, it has never been easier to find rare options and purchase within a few seconds. Vintage watches are also relatively lightweight and small, making them perfect for worldwide shipping. 


Popular brands such as Omega and Rolex are taking inspiration from the past, recycling designs from the 1960s and ‘70s in a number of their new models, hoping that they can tap into the expanding market for vintage watches

Larger Case Sizes

A study looking at case diameter trends across a number of decades found that the proportion of watches in the 35-37mm category has dropped since 2000 and is now a relatively small category. In comparison, the number of 41-43mm watches has grown, and is now the largest category. Finally, the proportion of 44-46 watches has grown since 2000 and peaked between 2010-2019 as consumers seeked larger watches. 


So, why are larger cases on the rise? Well, this can be down to a couple of reasons. One major reason is that watches have become much more of a luxury and visual status symbol than just being able to tell the time. Therefore to some, the bigger the watch, the higher status they have.  Another reason is down to technology i.e. the larger the watch case, the more space for tech features such as GPS or the chronograph.

Eco Friendly & Vegan Alternatives

With the world more focused on environmental issues than ever before, most industries are making a conscious effort towards sustainability in order to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. The watch industry is no exception with more and more environmentally-conscious products taking the market by storm each year. 


Vegan watch straps are a hugely popular leather strap alternative, ideal for those following a vegan lifestyle but still eager for style. With 79 million people worldwide already vegan, veganism is expected to grow rapidly which in turn, will see a huge increase in the demand for vegan alternatives in the watch industry. 

All-purpose Smart Watches

For all you tech enthusiasts out there, you’ll be pleased to know that smartwatches will continue trending in 2023. In fact, this year, the global smartwatches market has been valued at US$ 23.5 billion and is predicted to reach US$ 121.5 billion within the next decade. 


Since COVID has put a greater emphasis on physical health, more and more people are focusing on improving their lifestyle, and smartwatches are a perfect accompaniment for doing so. Not only do they help you keep track of the time, they can help you reach your fitness goals, make calls, check the weather forecast, listen to music, the list goes on. 

Colourful Dials

Another trend that is very likely to take the market by storm in 2023 is the rise in colourful dials (including white). There are numerous examples of colourful dials: Sinn Watch 556 in multiple pastel colours, Omega Aqua Terra, Tag Heuer Monaco…the list goes on.


One of the reasons for this is the freedom of expression significantly increasing over the years. As the standard workplace has become more casual, it is also now much more acceptable to wear brighter colours in formal situations. 

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