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Pocket Watches still fashionable?

The idea of the pocket watch was to have a time-teller that can be carried about. As such, pocket watches have chains attached to them which are used to strap them to a lapel, belt loop, or waistcoat to prevent them from falling off or being stolen.


It is still worth to use?

We thought pocket watches were the relics of a different time, that of the nineteenth century, and part of the formal attire of our great grandfathers, but it's actually quite the opposite. Pocket watches have never been so modern. Many major watchmaking houses now produce contemporary interpretations of the first portable watches. They were extremely popular until the First World War. Then, for the sake of practicality, bracelets replaced the chains, and the size of the case was reduced to fit the wrists. It took another hundred years to rediscover the pocket watch. Round, larger cases, glass uncovered or covered by a flap, they have a chain so that they can be attached to a jacket, vest or trousers, preventing them from falling. A leather or silk strap can also serve the purpose, as is sometimes the case nowadays.

Today, the pocket watch no longer defines the rank of a person in society as it did in the past. However, it still holds a special place among collectors, and now it's increasingly common to see men or women wearing one. Whether it's a vintage item or a family heirloom, bought at the auction house, or a more contemporary example, as found at the best watchmakers' stores. A unique and original fashion accessory, the pocket watch in a way perpetuates the long and rich legacy of watchmaking and represents a certain taste for the art of living. Elegant, refined, rare, it allows one's personality to be expressed, to show one's good taste as a connoisseur. It tells a story, and can be equally worn by men or women, as they were originally intended.

Today, pocket watches are a special category in the world of watchmaking.

Although these watches are often considered collectible items or vintage fashion pieces, their daily use is relatively rare. However, watch enthusiasts and collectors continue to appreciate the beauty and style of pocket watches, and there are always formal occasions or special events where one can wear them for an added touch of sophistication and elegance to an outfit. Not to mention movies or TV series that have recently put pocket watches back in fashion, such as Peaky Blinders for example. In the wake of this British series, many prop masters have rediscovered the use of the chain watch. An original, intriguing watch, full of history. Wearing a pocket watch is to show a sense of individuality and a return to the appreciation of the object, its aesthetics, two of the main raisons d’être of watchmaking.

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