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Bovet Cloisonne Chinese Duplex Vintage Pocket Watch

Bovet Cloisonne Chinese Duplex Vintage Pocket Watch

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Cloisonné is the technique of creating designs on metal vessels with colored-glass paste placed within enclosures made of copper or bronze wires, which have been bent or hammered into the desired pattern. Known as cloisons (French for “partitions”), the enclosures generally are either pasted or soldered onto the metal body. The glass paste, or enamel, is colored with metallic oxide and painted into the contained areas of the design. 


This piece of Bovet Closionne has an ancient couple shown on sexual animation, which moves when the watch is wind. It has a beautiful Chinese Duplex movement sitting on a silver case of 55mm, and come along with the key to wind. This watch is in working condition. 


Cloisonné是在金属容器上创建设计的技术,其中将彩色玻璃膏放置在由铜或青铜线制成的外壳内,所述外壳已经被弯曲或锤击成期望的图案。 被称为cloisons(法语为“分隔物”),外壳通常被粘贴或焊接到金属主体上。 玻璃糊或搪瓷用金属氧化物着色,并涂在设计的包含区域中。 容器通常在相对低的温度下烧制,约800℃。 搪瓷通常在烧制后收缩,并且该过程重复几次以填充设计。 一旦这个过程完成,摩擦容器的表面直到可见立体片的边缘。 然后他们被镀金,通常在边缘,在内部和在基地。


在1860年代,播威 (Bovet) 为中国制造不少这类型怀表


    • Pre-Owned 
    • Dial : Cloisonne Dial, featured with automation (animation)
    • Case Size : 55mm  
    • Key for winding
    • Movement : Winding, Chinese Duplex movement
    • Exterior Condition :80% 
    • Come with a watch gift box

    A pre-owned Vintage time-piece.

    Price is Negotiable

    As this pocket watch is not brand new, do expect signs of usages and wear. Watch is checked and in working condition before shipping. Buyers are advised to ask questions on item before you make a purchase. As this watch is more than a century old, do expect some wear and tear. We do not warrant time accuracy. Watch is not waterproof. 

    We do not accept return once watch is sold.

  • Shipping & Return

    • All price is in SGD Dollar
    • Tax and Duties at destination are buyer's responsibilities
    • Shipping fee is not included
    • Shipping fee will be calculated base on region once you have checked out.
    • Express Shipping via DHL or FEDEX with international tracking visibility
    • Watch is checked, curated and in working condition before we ship.
    • For International Sales, buyers are advised to ask questions on item before you make a purchase. If watches received are not as described, they are entitled to a 14-day defect warranty from the date of receipt of the watch.
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