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Rolex Tru Beat 6556

First introduced in 1954, the Tru Beat 6556 is a unique Rolex model that incorporates the "dead-beat" seconds mechanism, in which the second hand "ticks" rather than "flow". This mechanical complication is rather unknown to most individuals within the watch community. Today, this watch model is coveted by collectors.


Upon discovering this watch for the very first time, my thoughts were:

Hm? Isn't this battery quartz movement? And it's made in the 1950s by Rolex?


It confused me as quartz watches only came in 1970s. This unique Rolex watch model heightened my interest, and I went on a journey to understand more about this special watch--well, not a literal journey but you get what I mean.

The "dead-beat" seconds mechanism is truly one of its kind, including its calibre 1040 or 104. Now, you are probably wondering like me, how does this "dead-beat" mechanism exactly function? 


Well, the second hand which is supposed to be moving in a fashion like an automatic watch, like a graceful circular motion, it moves at a constant rate in a ticking fashion. Strange yet complicated, isn't it? 

At this time, again, you are just as puzzled as I am and pondering(at least I hope you are):

So, what's the purpose of this watch?

Apparently, its purpose was to act as a solution for doctors, healthcare workers or medical professionals, to allow them to accurately measure the pulse rates of their patients. Alas, the market for this particular model was in low demand during that time, and it was discontinued five years later.

Getting your hands on a Rolex Tru Beat 6556 is hard enough, but what's even harder is getting a Rolex Tru Beat with its original calibre still intact and in good condition. Moreover, sadly, getting this watch serviced by Rolex would only replace its original calibre with calibre 1030.


The calibre 1030 just doesn't have the same movement as calibre 1040, and its a disheartening sight to see, since you will never be able to see the original movement of this beautiful watch ever again.

It is truly a timeless beauty of its own kind,  If you do get a chance to get your hands on this unique Rolex model, grasp at that opportunity with all you've got! 

Rolex Calibre 1040 Tru-Beat

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