Rattrapante is a French word which means catching up. Watch with Rattrapante features has an extra chronograph second hand pointer.

The extra pointer is dragged with the chronograph pointer. It can be stopped by pressing a button individually to measure the lap time. At the press of the button again, it will return back under the chronograph pointer and continue with the timer. Therefore, 2nd intermediate time measurements become possible.

Because of its complication, Rattrapante chronograph is considered to be particularly valuable and are loved by collectors and connoisseurs.


This piece of IWC Portuguese Chronograph comes in 18K Rose Gold with Original leather strap and 18K buckle. Strap is slight worn.


Rattrapante是一个法语单词,意味着赶上 或是“再次捕捉”。当检查这种类型的机芯的手表,你会注意到,在中心的手堆叠,有一个额外的计时秒针





这件IWC万国计时表采用18K玫瑰金,原装皮革表带和18K扣。 表带轻微磨损。

IWC Portuguese Chronograph Rattrapante Rose Gold

    • Pre-Owned 
    • Ref : 3712
    • Dial : Black dial, with gold hands and markers
    • Case Size : 41mm x 18K Rose gold
    • Original leather strap with Original Gold buckle
    • Movement : Manual Winding
    • Origin : Switzerland
    • Exterior Condition : 95%
    • Complete with Watch Box and in-house warranty, excluding parts

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