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What is a watch repeater

Repeater was introduced in the 17th century evolving from pocket watch.

A quarter repeater is a high-end mechanical complication watch that chimes the number of hours, quarter hours and minutes when activated.


The main purpose

Purpose is to provide the wearer with time-telling capabilities without the need to visually check the watch. It is particularly useful in the night when light was limited, allowing the wearer to discretely know the exact time by listening to the distinct chimes produced by the watch. This idea possibly follows practice by the ancient Chinese in China, where the night guard will sound the gong with each hour and quarter

Over time, minute repeaters became symbols of craftsmanship and luxury in watchmaking, often requiring intricate mechanisms with multiple gongs and hammers to produce the desired sounds. Today, minute repeaters remain highly sought after by watch collectors for their technical sophistication and historical significance in the world of horology.

三问表于 17 世纪问世,由怀表演变而来。




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