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Emerich Meerson Paris

Around the 1970s, yet another special watch was created by none other than Emerich Meerson, who was brought to light in 1952, when he first presented in his silver pieces. The breakthrough came in 1966, where Emerich Meerson presented his first watch collection. Eventually gathering a faithful following along the way, with his timeless pieces.

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Emerich Meerson, many may know of him from his own Meerson brand, and he started out as an apprentice in the art of jewellery before he finally completed his very first watch collection. He started becoming well-known around the 1970s, and slowly gained a small but loyal following.  


However, only few may know that Emerich Meerson was originally a designer from Cartier, for their vintage watches, before he moved on and created his own company. This is why some of Cartier vintage watches seems similar to the designs of Meerson watches, since he was a designer for their watches after all. 

Unfortunately, after Emerich Meerson passed, his company didn't continue on his designs and eventually, watches like the one shown in the picture above, became rare and very limited. Thus, some collectors would no doubt want to add on such a watch to their collection, since it has become a rare timeless piece in the market. 

Like a limited edition, you know? Just not in an awfully expensive way.

Therefore, if you come across such a watch, be sure to take a good look at it and admire its fantastic design. Sure, it isn't too expensive and it is rather tempting to add such a watch to your own collection, right?

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