1950s Junghans Meister Bronze Vintage Art Deco Style Table Clock. This Clock origins from Germany.  Watch Case of 100% Bronze, with a decorative Round Golden Dial and hands, Roman numeral in distinctive white apple-shaped markers, and a supportive bronze stand. Once wind, it can last up to 3 days. It has a light and fine chime on every hour it strike.  Clock is in good condition


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1950年代Junghans  复古装饰艺术风格的表时钟。 这个时钟起源于德国。 表壳采用100%青铜色,圆形金色表盘,罗马数字以独特的白色苹果形标记和青铜支架。时钟每小时有一个轻微和精细的钟声旋律。 一旦上链,时间可以持续长达3天。

Junghans Meister Bronze Table clock

SKU: C0007
    • Pre-Owned Table Clock
    • Circa 1950s
    • Origin : Germany
    • Clock Material : Brass
    • Movement : Manual Winding
    • Measurement : H 26cm x W 16cm
    • Exterior Condition : 90% 

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