Kelek Hour and Five Minute Repeater Wrist Watch in Gold-plated, clear White Porcelain Dial marked with arabic numerals, and gold plated hour and minutes hands.

Ref No. 87-211A, S/N 222xxxx Domed shaped Sapphire Crystal. 

Automatic movement.

Take note that repeater is a complication in a mechanical watch that chimes the hours and often minutes at the press of a button.

42mm Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Case.

Complete with box and certificate dated year 2000


Price is Negotiable


Kelek Swiss Watches founded in 1896 .  All its watches come equipped with standard appointments that can vary from watch to watch, some of which are: automatic movement, 21 jewels, Incabloc, fine timing and timing in four positions, perpetual calendar with day, week, month, year, leap-year, season, 24 hours and moon phases, polished screw heads, articulated lugs, stainless steel case, titanium case, sapphire glass on top and bottom,appliqué dials, water resistance, winding-crown, 18 karat gold plating, rhodium-plating, crocodile straps and one- or two-color steel bracelets. Its superior line of self-winding and fully equipped chronographs with sub-dials and push pieces are generally 38 jewels, with the chronograph and calendar mechanisms. The Kelek watch can be richly decorated and engraved, and may include gilt lettering. The Kelek watch is sophisticated, rugged and professional and it makes a fine working tool and a precision instrument that is indispensable to the modern, active lifestyle


Kelek瑞士手表成立于1896年。所有手表都配备了手表与手表之间的标准约会,其中包括:自动机芯,21颗珠宝,Incabloc,四个位置的精准时机和时间表,日历,日,月,年,年份,季节,24小时和月相,抛光螺丝头,铰接凸耳,不锈钢表壳,钛表壳,顶部和底部蓝宝石玻璃,贴布表盘,防水,卷曲表冠,18克拉镀金,镀铑,鳄鱼皮带和一色或双色钢手镯。优雅的自动上链线和配备有子表盘和推料的设备精良的计时码表一般为38颗珠宝,配有计时码表和日历机制。 Kelek手表可以丰富的装饰和雕刻,并可能包括镀金字体。 Kelek手表是一种精致的工具和精准的仪器,对于现代,积极的生活方式是不可或缺的

Kelek Five Minute Repeater Wrist Watch

SKU: W0076
    • Price is in US Dollar
    • Pre-Owned
    • Ref :  87-211A
    • Model : Hour and Five minute Repeater
    • Dial : White Enamel Dial
    • Case Size : 42mm  
    • Movement : Automatic
    • Exterior Condition :90% 
    • Come with box and certificate

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