In the timepiece industry for an automatic movement / calibre or "engine" in the layman term, the second hand moves in a sweeping graceful circular motion, but not for this Rolex model 6556, whcih is well known for its infamous calibre 1040, the 'Dead-Beat' or Jumping Second, which moves at a constant rate in a ticking motion.


​History reviewed that the production of Rolex Tru-Beat was to cater to doctors, healthcare workers or medical professionals, acting as a fashionable handy and portable instrument to wear it on their wrist and allow them to accurately measure the pulse rates of their patients. Alas, the market for this particular model was in low demand during that time, and it was discontinued five years later. 


If you happen to encounter one but with it second hand sweeping smoothly, it is likely that the movement has been replaced. 


This piece is our collection, not for sales and are here to stay with us.


Rolex Tru-Beat 6556


    • Pre-Owned 
    • Ref : 6556
    • Case Size : 34mm
    • Movement : Automatic, Calibre 1040
    • Origin : Switzerland
    • Come with Rolex pouch and in-house warranty*
  • A pre-owned vintage time-piece.


    As this watch is not brand new, do expect signs of usages and wear. Watch is checked and in working condition before shipping. Interested Parties are advised to ask questions on item 

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