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Rolex Daytona Rainbow

First introduced in 2016, the Rolex Daytona Rainbow is another marvelous Rolex model due to its stunning bezel, identical to a rainbow. Unfortunately, this watch was produced in small numbers, since matching the stones was particularly difficult. Of course, with its amazing aesthetics, the watch is sought after by many.

This particular watch, whoever lands his or her eye on it for the very first time, these are their thoughts:

Wow, what a beautiful watch, and it's so colourful! Is that a rainbow? And diamonds?!


The Rolex Daytona Rainbow, an 18k yellow gold with 36 square-cut sapphires that forms a rainbow pattern. That's not the end, there's an additional thirty-six diamonds placed into the horns and crown-protection, and  8 more diamonds placed on the dial--oh my god.


From this alone, it's easy to see why this model was discontinued, including how hard it is to obtain the correct gems to achieve the right gradient that forms the spectacular rainbow sight. It has quickly become a desire object for the elite and the entertainment industries.

This watch wouldn't fit the style of many, but honestly--who could resist the temptation of owning one of theseSure, wearing one of these may seem rather ostentatious, however, it is a masterpiece. Moreover, the way the colours transitions smoothly to the next colour, it is really a dazzling sight to behold. 

Even in the market, some of the community have decided to make use of their own gems to replicate the design of the stunning bezel. Unfortunately, none of those can fully replicate the original as it is extremely difficult to get the right color and the gem. It is quite easy to spot out which is the authentic gems, and which aren't. 

Nevertheless, this is yet another beautiful Cult watch to invest in, so if you do have the chance to, you better don't miss out!

Rolex daytona rainbow

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