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Introducing the Chopard Ladies Xtravaganza boutique watch, an exquisite watch that is oval-shaped with two-body double bezel pave-set with high quality brilliant-cut diamonds. It was likely circulated around the 1990s to 2000, and it is a boutique watch of limited production from Chopard.

Unlike Emerich Meerson Paris, with a backstory and rather simple design, the Chopard Ladies Xtravaganza certainly leaves an impact on anyone that first lays their eyes on this beautiful boutique watch. With its dainty design, and the unique spiral that is surrounded by sparkling diamonds, along with the perfect oval-shaped dial, it gives off an ethereal and fairytale-like impression. 

Now, onto a small introduction on boutique watches, they are a combination of jewelry and watches. Thus, this particular boutique watch, Chopard Ladies Xtravaganza, is not just a simple boutique watch. The words that probably come across every individual mind when they observe the watch for the first time are  "exquisite" and "stunning".


Of course, with a gorgeous watch like this, its production is also limited. It is different from a limited edition watch, where this particular boutique watch is in production but it is limited. Unfortunately, as one would expect from a watch like this, the price is certainly not cheap. 


If you are one who loves to collect watches like these, be prepared to spend a hefty amount. However, if you aren't one, you can simply observe from afar and marvel at its splendacious beauty. Even if that person isn't a watch fanatic, it would be hard to tear one's eyes away from this specific watch, and there might be a few wistful sighs here and there.

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